Cheltenham Swimming Club

Cheltenham Swimming Club

We are the Club for every swimmer, whether you are starting your swimming squad journey, training for fitness and other sports or have goals to be elite.

Make friends, have FUN!

Our Story 

Cheltenham Swim Club is a community based, not for profit swimming club, which is affiliated with Swimming Victoria and Swimming Australia.

Cheltenham Swim Club provides for both competitive and recreational swimmers of all ages as we develop swimmers from the completion of learn to swim programs typically from 8 years through to national & international level.

Our club is recognised as one of the fastest growing clubs in Victoria. In 2024 Cheltenham Swim Club swimmers will represent our club at the Australian National Open Water Championships, Australian Age Championships and Australian Olympic Trials events. 

Our coaching staff are amongst the best in Australia. Our head coach, Kelly Stubbins retired from competitive pool swimming in 2013 as a two-time Australian Champion, Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist, three-time World Championship Medallist and understands the requirements of competitive swimmers. 

Kelly is the Lead Coach for the Victorian Open Water Performance Squad and is part of the Australian Flippers Coaching Program. Kelly is supported by an additional 6 coaches. Liam Fisk, National Development coach has competed at Olympic Trials level for Nunawading Swimming Club, Sharon Newstead, State Squad coach, is a master’s swimmer and has competed at several Masters World Championships. Across all of our 3 junior level squads, our coaches were all Cheltenham swimmers throughout their development.

At Cheltenham our swimmers have access to several training venues. Two – 8 lane 50 metre pools, Waves Leisure Centre in Highett and Noble Park Aquatic Centre (NPAC), in addition we have access to an additional two 25m pools at Mentone Girls Grammar Aquatic Centre and Bluefit Sandringham. All of our pools are located within 10km of Waves Leisure Centre.

Our gym program is based at the brand new state of the art NPAC gym where we further develop our national level swimmers with an excellent dryland and strength and conditioning program which is overseen by a fully qualified Strength and Conditioning coach.


Training Champions For Over 60 Years

Cheltenham Swim Club

Professional Coaching and Guidance

Structured Training Programs

Competitive Environment

Access to Quality Facilities

Networking and Camaraderie

High-Level Competition

Personal Development and Discipline

Health and Fitness Benefits

Goal Achievement and Motivation

Development of Mental Toughness

Our Coaches

Kelly Stubbins

Lead and Performance Squad


National Development Squad

State and Adult Squads

Junior, Intro and Dev Squads


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Intro Squad

Intro Squad is our first squad out of learn to swim. Once a swimmer passes Waves/Kingston Active learn to swim level 8 and have an idea of butterfly, they are ready to begin their swimming squad journey with Cheltenham Swimming Club. All new swimmers must undergo a trial session to ensure that it is the right progression for them. LTS Current Level Progression Chart.pdf (
  1. Passed learn to swim level 8
  2. Keen interest in continuing to progress and a love for swimming
  3. Knowledge of all strokes and turns
  4. Attending up to 2 sessions per week (all sessions based at Waves)
5-6PM 4-5PM 5-6PM 4-5PM 5-6PM 1-2PM

Development Squad

Development Squad is our second introductory level to competitive swimming. Here we further develop the swimmer and their racing skills so that they can successfully compete at school swimming events and encouragement competitions. This squad primarily gets the swimmer ready to move into the Junior squad to start their competitive swimming journey.

  1. Good technique across all 4 strokes
  2. Skills are done to a high level
  3. Comfortably completing a 1 hour session in the pool
  4. Attending up to 3 sessions per week (all sessions based at waves)


6-7PM6:30-7:30PM6:7PM5-6PM OR 6-7PM6-7PM2-3PM

Junior Squad

Junior Squad is our first competitive squad. Swimmers are still learning to develop across all strokes and are starting to learn how to develop race ready skills. Training sessions are now more focused on building energy systems for long term athlete development.

  1. Shows keen interest in competitive swimming & attending target competitions
  2. Consistent technique across all strokes
  3. Consistent effort in training performance and in training attendance
  4. Swimmer has goals to achieve state qualifying times
  5. Age range 10-13 years
  6. Attending up to 4 sessions/week
  7.   Strength dryland on Monday afternoons
AM  5.30-7AM  6:30-8AM


4.15-6PM 4:15-6PM 

State Squad

State Squad includes swimmers with and without state qualifying times. These swimmers are learning to train to race and target the Victorian Age Championships and All Junior competitions. Attitude to training is important here and the swimmer needs to have control of their own journey by setting goals and working towards achieving them.

  1. Must be racing across all 4 strokes and IM
  2. Open to trying new events
  3. Swimming at State Sprints and Victorian Age Championships (or has goals to)
  4. Open to receiving and implementing feedback from coach
  5. Minimum attendance 4 sessions/week
  6. Can comfortably make 10×100 free on 1:40
  7.   Strength dryland Monday afternoons
AM 5:30-7AM 5:30-7AM 5:30-7.30AM



National Development Squad

National Development squad forms the initial journey for our swimmers to represent the Club at a national level. This squad includes swimmers with and without national qualifying times. These swimmers have clear goals and they know what is required to achieve them. Minimum training attendance is easily achieved and performance at training is monitored.

  1. Swimmers have National Age qualifying times or the goal to achieve them in the same season
  2. Must have a positive attitude to training
  3. Must be able to do what is required independently
  4. Must be able to take on feedback and implement changes
  5. Minimum attendance 6 sessions/week
  6. Should be able to produce times in training within 2 seconds of PB
  7.   Can comfortably make 10×100 free on 1:30
  8.   Strength & Conditioning Monday’s
AM5:30-7:30AM 5:30-7.30AM 5:30-7.30AM5:30-7.30AM
PM5:45-7:45PM4:45-7PM 5:45-7:45PM  

National Performance Squad

National Performance is the pinnacle of the competitive pathway at Cheltenham Swimming Club. Swimmers have National Age qualifying times and have, or have the goal to achieve, Open National/Australian Trials qualifying times. Swimmers have the goal to one day represent Australia on the Swim Team. Swimmers have no issue with achieving a great training attendance and are consistently performing at a high level in training and competition due to a great attitude and a general strive for success.

  1. Must have Australian Age or Open Water qualifying times
  2. Goal to swim & perform at National Open competitions
  3. Must have a positive attitude to training & be a mature athlete
  4. Must be good at communication with coach
  5. Must be maintaining a minimum of 7 sessions per week
  6. Must be able to train & perform independently
  7. Must be able to produce times in training within 1 second of PB
  8. Required to be consistent at training and competition
  9.   Strength & Conditioning Monday, Wednesday & Saturday (2-3 sessions depending on Australian rankings)
AM5:30-7:30AM5:30-7:30AM5:30-7:30AM 5:30-7:30AM6:45-9.45AM
PM4:15-7:15PM 4:15-7:15PM4:15-6:30PM4:15–6:30PM 

Youth and Senior Fitness Squad

These sessions are flexible and are based around general swimming fitness. If you have goals in other sports and would like some extra work, the coaches can also progress you as much or as little as you like, just make sure you let them know your goals. All fitness squad sessions are based at Waves.


1. Maintaining fitness for other sports

2. Maintaining swimming fitness to compete at school swimming competitions

3. A love for swimming

4. Desire to improve

5. Junior Youth = 12-14 years

6. Senior Youth = 15-18 years

7. Must have progressed through development squad or been assessed by one of our coaches


Adult Squad

Adult squad is separate to the fitness squads as it is more for masters swimmers and those over 30 years old. Our Adult squad sessions run in the mornings so they can be done before heading off to work for the day. All sessions are based at Waves.

  1. Masters Swimmers
  2. Masters Triathlon
  3. Open Water Swimmers
  4. 30-65 years
  5. Must be able to swim 200m continuous
  6. Sessions are on Tuesday & Friday mornings at Waves (5:30-7am)

Kelly Stubbins

Lead Coach & Performance Squad Coach


Kelly Stubbins is a highly experienced and accomplished coach. With over 15 years of coaching experience at both the elite and grassroots levels, Kelly has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the sport and a proven ability to develop strong relationships among athletes of all ages.

Kelly is highly regarded for her ability to nurture young talent and inspiring athletes to reach their individual potential. Her coaching philosophy focuses on holistic development, encompassing technical proficiency and a positive and resilient mindset. By fostering a supportive and positive training environment, Kelly aims to cultivate a culture of growth and achievement within Cheltenham Swimming Club.

  • Qualification: Performance Coach
  • Has been coaching for 15+ years
  • Former Australian Swim Team Member
  • 2022/23 Australian Flippers Coach
  • 2023 Aus Commonwealth Youth Games Coach
  • 2021-23 SV Lead Open Water Coach

Liam Fisk

National Development Squad Coach
  • Qualification: Development Coach
  • Has been coaching for 5+ years
  • 10+ years competitive swimmer, Nationally qualified in IM & Breast

Sharon Newstead

State Squad & Adult Squad Coach
  • Qualification: Development Coach (OW & Multi-Class extensions)
  • Has been coaching for 10+ years
  • Competitive Masters Swimmer, attending 2 World Masters Swimming Championships

Kate Falconer

Junior, Intro & Dev Squad Coach


  • Qualification: Talent Coach, Austswim Teacher of Competitive Strokes
  • Has been coaching for 4 years
  • 8+ years competitive swimmer

Kate Falconer

Junior, Intro & Dev Squad Coach


  • Qualification: Talent Coach, Austswim Teacher of Competitive Strokes
  • Has been coaching for 4 years
  • 8+ years competitive swimmer