Cheltenham Swimming Club


Nurturing excellence in the pool through comprehensive training and education

Our Story 

Dive into history with Cheltenham Swimming Club! Founded in 1964, our Club holds the distinction of being one of the oldest active swimming clubs in Victoria.

In the early days, we made a big splash at the Turner Road Pool, a 50metre outdoor pool located in Highett. As the years passed and our Club enjoyed continued success, we outgrew our original home. We moved to Waves Leisure Centre – at the time a brand new facility that would become home and remains our base to this day. 

Cheltenham has a proud history of developing great swimming careers; past members include Australian and Olympic swimmers Nicole Stevenson, David Wilson, Toby Haenan, Jeff and Karen van de Graaf and Debbie Cain, as well as champion open-water swimmers John and Tammy van Wisse.

Cheltenham Swimming Club provides a range of swimming options to suit all ages and caters for beginners through to competitive swimmers.

The Club offers swim coaching and training based on modern sustainable principles, focusing on the long-term development and growth of each swimmer whatever their level and allows specific classes for fitness and development as well as competition-based swimming squads.

We promote fun, fitness, and ‘quality over quantity’, and is mindful to the needs of developing children and families.

Cheltenham aims to maintain motivation and enthusiasm and recognises that we must provide flexibility and choice and allow our members to achieve a balance between swimming and other activities.

We continue to search for ways to improve coaching, training and performance with the specific needs and goals of our members in sight and an emphasis on developing a lifelong health through swimming.

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