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Melbourne swimming club | Tips and tricks to prepare for a swimming meet

Preparing for a swimming meet takes time and dedication. The preparation starts early in the season and it continuous all the way until the end of your race. Through this article we will provide you with some tips and things you need to consider to have a succesful season.

Early in the season:

  • Speak with your coaches to discuss your goals and ambitions for the season
  • Keep your goals handy and visible to remind you of your objectives

Six to seven weeks before the swimming meet:

  • Sit down with your coach to check in on your progress
  • Ask for advice, feedback and put your coach’s suggestions into practice

One week before the meet:

  • Sharpen your skills, get enough sleep, eat well, and take care of your body
  • Keep a light and happy environment to reduce stress levels
  • Enjoy yourself and have some fun

The night before the meet:

  • Pack your swim bag the night before to avoid stress and rushing in the morning
  • Double check your event numbers, heats and lanes.
  • remember to check your pre-race warm up to keep it fresh in your head
  • Listen to some music to keep yourself stress-free
  • Get enough sleep, preferably eight to nine hours

The day of the meet:

  • Show up to the meet 1h30 before your event to make sure that you have enough time to warm up and put your racing suit on.
  • Find your coach and let them know you have arrived
  • Find your team mates and talk to them.
  • Get in when warm-up starts and take advantage of the least crowded times
  • Use the time before your race to get in the zone by listening to music or having a chat

Minutes before the big race:

  • Talk with your coach to get some final wisdom or a joke to lighten the mood
  • Do whatever it takes to get in the zone, whether it’s being silent, chatting, or dancing.

Good luck!

We hope that this preparation will help you to have a great season.

Go Cheltenham!

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